Ιωαννίδης Δημήτριος Δερματολόγος

Dermatologist in Thessaloniki

Dimitrios Ioannidis

My training in Dermatology was extensive, comprehensive and in-depth, because it started in Thessaloniki and Athens with Professors such as Maria Ktenidou, Despina Panagiotidou, Evangelos Kapetis, Nikolaos Parisis, Aristippos Minas, etc., and continued in New York University Hospital with Professors such as Jean-Claude Bystryn, Alexander Fisher, Nicholas Soter, Bernie Ackerman, Roy Jeronymous, Irwin Freedberg, Perry Robins, Alfred Kopf, and others.

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The team of the clinic consists, apart from me, consists of two dermatologists Mr. Christos Pentidis and Mr. Elias Papadimitriou, a molecular biologist, Mrs. Dimitra Gouda, a nurse, Mrs. Marianthi Manoloudi, an esthetician, Mrs. Natali Kerkimi and from a secretary office which is served by Mrs. Anna Savvidou.

My fellow doctors are involved in clinical dermatology, but they specialize in cosmetic dermatology and skin surgery respectively. This allows us to treat benign and malignant tumors of the skin and nevi as a whole, ie clinically and surgically, and to plan our cosmetic interventions in such a way that, after a certain period of time, the face appears without imperfections and many years younger. It also allows us to proceed with hair transplants with new patented methods that keep the donor area intact and lead to extremely natural results of the appearance of the scalp. Similar interventions are planned for the body.

But the most important advantage of our team is the empathy and the development of emotional intelligence, after special seminars. These skills are applied both in the cooperation between us and in the communication with the patients enabling us to work efficiently and pleasantly. In this way each of us understands more and better the obligations of the other in the daily provision of services, so that those who come to our space to improve their appearance, they feel that we understand all their concerns and dilemmas and feel that they are in one friendly and beautiful environment, with experts answering all their questions and managing the particular way in which each person expresses themself, depending on their personality.

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Alexandrite Hair Removal

Excessive hair removal on the face, but also in other parts of the body of the body using the Alexandrite hair removal method

DermAestheticsHair clinic has the latest equipment such as Alexandrite lasers (755 nm), Nd: YAG (1064) nm, diodes (800 nm) for a quick and effective hair removal

DermAestheticsHairs’ staff has developed extensive experience for over 25 years and we have the appropriate infrastructure to achieve the best possible aesthetic result quickly

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